What is Bariatrics?

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Bariatrics is simply the field of medicine focused on obesity, its causes, prevention and treatments. Bariatric surgery is divided into two different approaches to helping treat obesity: restrictive, where the stomach’s size and capacity are reduced, and malabsorption, where the stomach’s ability to absorb calories and nutrients is reduced.

At Mercy, bariatrics means an entire team of leading experts ready to help you meet your weight loss and overall health goals. In addition to your primary care physician, we call on our psychiatrists, dietitians, physical therapists, cardiologists, pulmonologists and surgeons to ensure your long-term health. Surgery is just one part of your lifelong commitment to better health — and we’re here to help.

Gastric Sleeve

Your stomach is reduced to a tube
that functions as it did before,
only at a lesser rate.

Gastric Band

Your stomach will continue to
operate normally with a
much smaller capacity.

Gastric Bypass

Your stomach is reduced to the size
of an egg and rerouted to part
of your small intestine.

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Why Choose


When you choose Mercy, you choose health. We’re dedicated to better care — especially yours. We take a team approach to each and every patient. Bariatric specialists, including physicians, nurses, physical therapists, dietitians, psychiatrists and more, will be there every step of the way. We work together as a team, and that’s our key to success.

Let’s get started on the new, healthier you.



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