Education & Training Opportunities for Seniors

Computer Classes – Basic computer classes taught by seniors for seniors.  We offer five beginning classes with optional internet training (monthly).
Diabetes Education Program - Type 2 Diabetes Education (10 hours total) including evening and day classes.  Medicare covers this program for those with physician referral.
Grandparents Raising Grandchildren - For more information, click here.
Income Tax Assistance – Offered annually during tax season in conjunction with The Southwest Missouri Office on Aging.  IRS-certified volunteers provide free, confidential assistance in completing claims.
Legal Assistance – regular education is available on advance directives, living wills and power of attorney.
Safe Driving Help:
  • AARP Safe Driving Program – legally mandated program offering weekday, evening or Saturday classes for drivers cited for unsafe driving practices.
  • Driver Evaluation Assessment – This assessment is helpful in deciding if an individual is capable of driving safely.  The assessment includes vision, cognitive, strength and coordination assessments, including an on-the-road assessment in a Mercy vehicle with various adaptations available.
  • Adaptive Driving – Working with an occupational therapist, specialized therapy or adaptive devices are provided to help persons with physical impairments continue to drive – or return to driving after neurologic injury including paralysis.

To sign up or learn more about these opportunities call 417-820-6320.

Resources for Seniors:


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