Mercy's Innovative Care Model

Many people like you told us health care can be much better. It should be matched to your needs and lifestyle. And as the nation’s population ages, that’s a tall order. The demand for physicians, caregivers and services continues to increase as costs also rise.

It’s time for change. We are focused on creating a better way to provide care – a model that allows providers to serve patients in new ways and gives patients new ways to interact with us. In addition, we strive to manage health instead of just treating periodic illness.

There are six key elements of Mercy’s new approach to delivering care. Here’s how they will bring you a better experience:

  • Create a Mercy team of the best medical providers.

    Your Mercy primary care physician will guide a team to care for you. It may include other primary and specialty physicians and advanced practice providers, with your expanded team providing the services you need at that right time and place.
  • Leverage technology.

    Imagine having an appointment with specialist in another state using two-way video. Or every person involved in your care having instance access to your latest medical imaging results using an electronic health record. It’s real, and happening at Mercy today. We use technology to improve your access, better coordinate your care and make it safer, too.

  • Expand access and improve the coordination of services.

    Convenience is important to you in your busy life. Better care means new ways to receive it. Even at home or online. This helps your care team keep you well, even between appointments. We’ll partly do this by creating a medical home for you, with your primary care doctor coordinating many aspects of your health. Technology can also help expand your access to specialists.

  • Build lifelong relationships.

    We want to get to know you and your needs over time. Each time we care for you and your family, we want your experience to be personal and convenient. We’ll use your electronic health record and other tools to better serve you. In this way, we hope you’ll trust Mercy for all your health care needs.

  • Transform health care financing.

    Today, health care providers are paid to treat people when they are sick. But where is the incentive to keep them well to begin with? We want to use our ideas to advocate new and more effective payment methods, especially those that reduce the cost of health care for us all.

  • Develop the Center for Innovative Care.

    We will create a team of the very best clinicians and leaders to advance all aspects of our care model. We’ll also use research to discover the best way to meet your health needs and those of your community.

Thanks to technological advances, much of this work can now be done beyond the walls of our hospitals and clinics, to provide care through lower cost and more convenient locations. Even the patient’s home can become an important place to continually manage health.