Mercy's New Brand Identity: Now in Your Community

About the logo:

Mercy’s symbol is a contemporary version of

the original cross Catherine McAuley,

founder of the Sisters of Mercy, adopted for

her ministry. The outer extensions of the

cross represent a ministry that is diverse but

aligned around a common purpose, forming

a cross-within-a-cross. For Catherine, the inner

cross was a reminder that we should

dedicate ourselves to the work God

has given us, take up our own cross

and serve with a deep respect for others.

For 185 years, we’ve lived the same mission as the Sisters of Mercy who founded our ministry. We've served in many communities under names like St. John’s, St. Edward’s and St. Joseph’s. But we’ve always been connected by our heritage and our commitment to listening and caring for those we serve.

Now our 38,000 co-workers in 200 communities across multiple states are on a shared journey to get health care right. And going forward, we will simply be known as “Mercy.”

So whether you're seeing your doctor, visiting an urgent care, or choosing a place to deliver your baby, you’ll know we are using our collective expertise and resources to make your experience better. We’ll use one electronic health record, so everyone who cares for you understands your needs and can better coordinate your care. You’ll have access to specialists and services that you didn’t even know were available in your area.

Everywhere and in every way we serve, you’ll experience the same compassion and spirit you’ve always known with Mercy.

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