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Educating yourself on how to safely conceive and carry a child during COVID-19 is an important part of ensuring you have the healthiest possible pregnancy. You’ve taken the first step in making sure you're prepared by downloading Mercy’s Safe Baby Tip Sheet. Your tip sheet will be waiting for you in your email inbox, but you can view it now by clicking the button below.

Mercy's Sample Birth Plan

We thank you for putting your trust in Mercy as you plan this big milestone in life—and we wish you all the best on this exciting time.

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The safety of our patients and caregivers has been, and always will be, our priority. We follow strict standards for disinfecting, required masking for patients, visitors and co-workers, and social distancing. Please do your part by following these and other CDC guidelines.

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Mercy's Safe Baby Tip Sheet

We thank you for putting your trust in Mercy as you prepare for this milestone—and we wish you all the best.

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