School of Medical Laboratory Science Policies and Procedures - Ardmore


Students are required to attend from 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.*, Monday through Friday.  One week of vacation is given during Winter Break (2016-2017 program, Dec. 26-30). One week of vacation is given during Spring Break. Five holidays are observed: Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Day and the Fourth of July.  Students are allowed five personal days off for any purpose.  Any absence for any reason must be reported to the Program Director, Education Coordinator, and/or the head of the section to which the student is assigned, before 7:30 a.m. of each missed day, unless otherwise arranged.  All hours beyond the above stated excused absences must be made up prior to graduation.
*Time of arrival may vary with laboratory sections.


Students are given examinations weekly over didactic material. Bench work evaluation is achieved by clinical evaluation, written practical quizzes and analysis of unknown specimens.
To remain in good standing and to successfully complete the medical laboratory science program, the student must:

  • maintain a 70% or above average in each section
  • attain the minimum standard on all clinical rotation competencies, and
  • meet acceptable affective behavioral expectations by the end of each laboratory section.

Students are automatically placed on the honor system. Documented evidence of cheating, plagiarism, or breach of confidentiality is grounds for immediate dismissal.
     The following grade scale is used in reporting all scores:
            90-100% = A
            80-89% = B
            70-79% = C
            <70% = Unsatisfactory

The following program policies and procedures are also available from the program educator upon request:

  • Program Objectives
  • Essential functions/requirements
  • Graduates’  entry level competencies
  • Advance placement and waiver of coursework
  • Student withdrawal
  • Service work and part-time employment
  • Guidance/advisement and counseling
  • Appeal process and grievance
  • Program schedule
  • Curricular structure
  • Rules and regulations
  • Professional behavior
  • Acceptable/Unacceptable performance, remediation and dismissal
  • Teach out plan