SCLS Tuition and Financial Aid

Tuition and Fees

The projected tuition for the clinical year is $5800.00. Tuition is due in twelve monthly installments. A student who withdraws or is dismissed from the program will receive no refund of tuition payments previously due. Tuition is paid directly to the program except for specific universities who require their students to pay tuition to them. These universities reimburse the program a portion of the tuition collected.  The student is responsible for any tuition not covered by the university payment. The program will retain any overpayment for tuition. Contact the program director for further details.

An acceptance deposit of $200.00 is required when a student accepts a position in the program. There is no refund of the acceptance deposit.

Textbooks and references are purchased by the program and loaned to the student for a fee of $200.00. The acceptance fee is credited as the book loan fee.

The student is responsible for providing his or her own health insurance, meals, travel expenses, clothing, school supplies and housing during the program year. The student is also responsible for any fees related to sitting for a national certification examination upon successful completion of the program.

The student will also be required to purchase and maintain health insurance and professional liability insurance policies during the program year.  The program director will provide details prior to the start of the program.

Financial Aid

Students who are registered through a university are eligible for financial aid at the university. The CLS program is not eligible for federal student loan funding. The program director may be able to help identify alternate sources of assistance such as scholarships, scholar loans and loan repayments plans.