SRT St. Louis Clinical Obligations

The rotation through the various clinical areas of the Medical Center has been designed to provide the student with optimum exposure to the required as well as optional vocational fields available to them through this Program.  All students are given equitable opportunities to perform procedures incorporated in the clinical curriculum. 

Students will be assigned to radiographic rooms in the Imaging Services Department on a rotational basis.  The student to staff ratio will be 1:1. Room assignments will be noted on the schedules and also on the staff assignment list located in the work area by the charge tech area.

Students will be assigned to transport patients during initial rotations as means of evaluating student/ patient rapport and to observe patient clinical status and transportation safety.

Student performance during scheduled rotations will be evaluated by the supervisors, staff technologists, staff radiologists, and clinical instructors in a written evaluation form.

During the second year of training, the student will be assigned to clinical rotation in Operating room, CT Scanner, Ultrasound, MRI, Cardiac Cath Lab (optional), Interventional Radiography (optional), Radiation Therapy (optional), Nuclear Medicine (optional), Spine Center, Mammography (optional),and GI Lab (optional).  Operating room and CT rotations will be ongoing through the entire senior year.

CPR classes will be scheduled for all students during the week of orientation.

While on clinical rotation in the Imaging Services Department, the student will also be assigned to the office and file room for a period of one to two weeks to successively complete the rotational objectives for those areas.  The student will assist with any duties as determined by the clinical instructor/supervisor on duty to complete all necessary objectives.