GME Internal Medicine

The Residency Experience

Every effort is made to construct a custom curriculum for each resident based on his or her personal and professional goals.

The program is unique in that we alternate inpatient and outpatient months.

Inpatient Months

Inpatient teaching occurs in the wards and consists of:

  1. General medical ward months with teaching occurs at the bedside by academic hospitalists and selected hospitalist teaching faculty.
  2. General medical consults: Senior residents have the opportunity to work one on one with attending physicians with a focus on providing consultative general medical care as a consultant rather than as the primary service.  Time is spent co-managing medical co-morbidities in surgical patients as well as providing care for psychiatric/behavioral health inpatients.  
  3. CVICU and ICU months staffed by intensivist.
  • Interns work an in-house hospital “long shift” until 6 p.m., approx. q4 days.
  • Seniors works an in-hospital “long shift”, supervising the intern.
  • Seniors and interns take 24-hour weekend call +/-one to two times per month.
  • There are two 2-week blocks of night float annually.
  • No more than 80 hours per week is spent on patient care duties.
  • Residents have at least one full day out of seven free of patient care and responsibilities.

Elective Months

Electives occur in the primary care and specialty offices (which may include inpatient consults), as well as in the JFK community clinic.

  • Interns are on back up call/jeopardy one week a month, covering inpatient duties as need be.
  • Seniors are on back up call/jeopardy on average one week out of every two elective months.

Didactic Syllabus

  • Daily: Formal didactic conferences
  • Twice a week: Inpatient morning report
  • Weekly: Medical grand rounds

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