GME Internal Medicine Residents

PGY4 - Chief Resident

Welcome to Mercy!

I did my Internal Medicine residency at Mercy and am familiar with the nuts and bolts of the program. I picked Mercy for my training because of the outstanding learning and collegial atmosphere that I had experienced as an Extern. This unprecedented experience continued throughout my training. It was an easy decision for me to stay at Mercy after my residency in my current role of chief resident.

Mercy’s Internal Medicine residency program is well-known across the country. This large community hospital program is unique in allowing each resident to follow their own clinical path. The program also offers an alternating inpatient-elective schedule throughout three years of training which provides a unique balance between academic excellence and quality of life. The John F. Kennedy continuity care clinic primarily serves an underserved population but has immense resources at its disposal. The cafeteria offers a lot of choices and trainees get a daily meal allowance of $18.

The program offers an outstanding outpatient, inpatient and critical care experience to its trainees. The faculty is extremely dedicated and invested into the program. The faculty are approachable and have an open-door policy. Many of graduates from the program end up staying at Mercy as attending physicians which is a testament to the outstanding collegial atmosphere at Mercy. Historically, residents have chosen diverse career paths such as pursuing a fellowship, being a hospitalist or building a primary care practice.

St. Louis is equally good for young professionals and for those who are looking to raise a family. It is ripe with outdoor activities, architectural landmarks and monuments. A variety of cuisine is also available. There is really something for everyone to do. I encourage you to apply and come see for yourself.

I look forward to meeting you.