OB in the Family Medicine Center

New residents soon begin providing prenatal care to patients in the Family Medicine Center as well as performing the deliveries and follow-up care for those patients. Resident care of OB patients in the office is supervised by five Faculty members who also practice prenatal care (Drs. Minchow-Proffitt, Hoekzema, Phruttitum and Danis) In addition, all residents are required to successfully complete the A.L.S.O. (Advanced Life Support for Obstetrics) course. An OB/GYN group is also available for consultation on more complicated patients as well as for providing ultrasound and antenatal testing if indicated, this is done through a private office setting. Additional rotations can be set up by the individual resident as they perceive their needs. Our program is proud to have a successful resident OB practice. Residents also gain experience with managing complications of pregnancy, labor and delivery when on the Family Medicine inpatient service.