OB/GYN Rotations - Continuity of Care Clinic

The John F. Kennedy (JFK) Clinic is a resident-run clinic located on campus that offers a wide cultural, social, and economic patient mix. Each resident spends one half day per week in Continuity of Care Clinic. Each clinic day is attended by a generalist in the field of obstetrics and gynecology and residents attend the same clinic day with the same attending throughout the entire four years of training. The clinic experience provides an opportunity for residents to manage both simple and complex obstetrics and gynecology problems in a supportive environment. The JFK Clinic offers an invaluable education for the residents as they follow their obstetrical patients from conception to delivery and follow their gynecology patients through presentation to either medical or surgical treatment. Procedures taught within the clinic include endometrial sampling, colposcopy and LEEP procedures, and bedside ultrasound for pregnancy as well as gynecological concerns.