Maternal-Fetal Medicine Rotations

The Maternal-Fetal Medicine Service at Mercy Hospital - St. Louis supports the large, general obstetrical service. Resident physicians work with the maternal-fetal medicine specialists to provide care to high risk obstetrical patients throughout all four years of residency. Management of critically ill pregnant patients including diabetes, hypertension, maternal heart disease, and asthma provide excellent teaching opportunities for residents. Residents also will have the opportunity to care for patients with common obstetrical complications including pre-eclampsia, preterm labor, and premature rupture of membranes.

Residents are formally trained in the performance of ultrasound through the Perinatal Center as well as bedside instruction in Labor and Delivery by the maternal-fetal medicine specialists. They also participate in invasive procedures including amniocentesis, intravenous transfusion therapy for isoimmunization, delivery of high order multiples including a twins, triplets, and on occasion quadruplets. Close interaction with the maternal-fetal medicine staff and direct care of these patients allows the resident physicians to develop skill in caring for critically ill gravid patients.

Fourth year electives are available for visiting student physicians.