GME Reproductive Endocrinology Rotations

The Reproductive Endocrinology rotation occurs in both the second and third year. A five week rotation in the second year serves as an introduction to the principles of eliciting a reproductive history, first exposure to techniques of ovulation induction as well as surgical correction for infertility and evaluation of patients with endocrinopathy. A follow up five week rotation occurs in the third year for which the residents again have exposure to the evaluation of infertility and the different modalities that are available to these couples.

Led by reproductive endocrinologists, teaching includes insemination, ovulation induction with oral and injectable gonadotrophins, and in vitro fertilization. Additionally, residents are trained in ultrasound for follicle development and confirmation of ovulation, diagnosis of and management of ectopic treatment both medically and surgically, and the psychosocial issues that often accompany the diagnosis of infertility. The scope of surgery in this rotation includes management of uterine myoma both laparoscopically and through laparotomy, laparoscopic laser ablation, and microsurgical techniques.