Nurse Fellowship Program - Eastern Missouri

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Mercy Hospital - St. Louis

Brittany Woods  - 314-364-4785 (Recruiter for Trauma, Critical Care and Heart Hospital)   

Austin Lambert – 314-364-3664 (Recruiter for Med Surg, Oncology, Ortho, Neuro and Behavioral Health)

Stephanie Royer – 314-364-4854 (Recruiter for Children’s Hospital, Women’s Services and Float Pool)

Amanda Austin – 314-364-4116 (Recruiter for Operating Room, Emergency Department and Urgent Care Clinics)

Mercy Hospital – Jefferson (Crystal City, MO)

Ben Reed – 314-364-4128 or 636-933-4128

Mercy Hospital – Washington

Craig Bodenschatz – 314-364-4127 or 636-239-8276

Application Information:

  • You are welcome to apply online 8-10 weeks before you graduate
  • In the education section of the application, please state that you have not graduated yet if applicable, but please be sure to note your expected graduation date
  • Allow yourself 15-20 minutes to complete the application and another 25-35 minutes to complete the Talent Online Assessment.   The Talent Online Assessment must be completed in order for your application to be considered. 

What titles do I search for entry level nursing positions?

  • St. Louis – Clinical Nurse, Registered Nurse-GN (Typically the job description will state if the position is a Fellowship and/or open to new graduates.  See “Helpful Information” regarding Fellowships.  
  • Jefferson – Registered Nurse
  • Washington – Registered Nurse 
  • Lincoln – Registered Nurse, Registered Nurse – GN

What to expect after you have applied:

  • If you are selected to start the interview process, someone from our team will contact you for the next step.  
  • Please allow 2-4 weeks for the interview process.
  • We appreciate your patience as we review the large volume of applicants.  

Helpful Information:

  • Fellowship Programs:  All new grads have to go through a Fellowship Program to get trained in the department in which they’re hired.   Most programs are 8 – 16 weeks long; schedules vary depending on the department.  New grads should expect to work the eve/night shift (7pm – 7 am) once the fellowship is complete. 
  • Please only apply for areas that truly interest you – most fellowship programs require a two-year commitment so keep that in mind when applying.
  • If you do not have time to take the Talent Online Assessment initially when you complete your application, you should receive email notifications for three days reminding you to complete this.  It is an important part of the process, so please take your time and don’t rush through it.  You will only take this assessment one time, no matter how many positions you apply to in the future.
  • Please only apply to positions in which you meet the minimum qualifications.  If years of experience are not specified in the Minimum Qualifications, then you can apply to that position and will be considered. 
  • Check your application status online by logging in to your account before calling HR/Recruitment.
  • You can’t start as a coworker until after you graduate, but you can start before you pass boards.  However, you must take your boards within 90 days of your graduation date.