MyMercy FAQ - Requesting a Prescription Renewal Online

How can I renew a prescription?

If you have refills remaining, just contact your pharmacy and request a refill. However, if you have no refills remaining, you can ask your care team to renew your prescription through MyMercy. Log into your MyMercy account, point to the My Medical Record option in the navigation bar, click on Medications option in the drop-down menu, select Request a Renewal and complete in the requested information.

What's the difference between a renewal and a refill?

A prescription renewal is needed only when you have no more refills remaining on a prescription. A refill means that your care team has authorized you to receive a new supply of your drug for a given amount of time and a limited number of re-orders. If your care team has either told the pharmacy “no refills” or if your limited number of refills has expired, you can use MyMercy to request a renewal from your doctor.

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