MyMercy FAQ - Receiving and Viewing Test Results Online

What test results are shown on MyMercy?

The most recent value of a result is shown on the ‘Test Results’ page.

The date, test, ordered by, and status of the result are shown.

Some results may take hours to process, while others may take days or weeks to process.

A result of ‘Available on means that the results will be available on MyMercy soon, but are not yet shown due to Mercy policy. This policy determines the length of time before a result is displayed in MyMercy (regardless of the value of the result). Many routing test results are available immediately, and many are available after a few days.

Which results are available, and when?

Most results are available online to view and print using MyMercy. On rare occasions posting of test results will be delayed due to technical reasons.

The Mercy Specialty Councils, based on recommendations from clinical and operational leaders, approve each result shown on MyMercy.

Why are some results not immediately available on MyMercy?

MyMercy delays releasing some results which may require interpretation or counseling.

Any result or report that is not shown on MyMercy can be requested through your doctor’s office.

What should I do if I have concerns about a test result?

Refer to information from your doctor (such as a Results letter or note on MyMercy) that explains the test results. Physician test result letters may take several weeks to reach you, especially if some of the results take time to process. If you feel that information from your doctor’s office explaining your results is overdue, please contact your doctor or nurse for more information.

You can use MyMercy to contact your doctor or nurse with your concerns.

What do my results mean?

Your doctor or nurse is most able to help you to interpret your results. Your doctor or nurse usually reviews your results soon after they are available. Test results may take several days or weeks to be processes by the laboratory.

What does the standard range for a result mean?

A result may be ‘in reference’ or ‘out of reference.’ The standard range for a result is just one of the many tools used to assist in the interpretation of a result. Your doctor, based on your specific medical history and the clinical issues being addressed, best interprets a specific test result.

How will I hear from my doctor about my test results?

Doctor or nurse interpretations or your results are usually communicated to you by phone, by letter, by MyMercy, or during an office visit.

It may take a number of days or even weeks for your physician or nurse to review and interpret your results. Please allow at least three weeks before contacting your physician about results.

What if I have questions about the Test Results feature on MyMercy?

For questions about your results, please contact your doctor’s office. For questions about the Test Results feature of MyMercy, please click on the support link located at the top of the screen to send a question to the MyMercy technical support team.

Why do I receive an email telling me I have new test results, but when I log into MyMercy they is nothing there?

Results that are done outside of Mercy sometimes have to be scanned into the system, when this happens you will be notified that there is a new test result. However, you cannot see scanned images in MyMercy. If you have questions about specific test result please contact your doctor.

I am unable to contact my Doctor/Add/remove a doctor.

Please contact your doctor’s office. Only your doctor’s office can update any clinical information that shows up on MyMercy.

I can’t see my child on my account (Proxy).

Please contact your doctor’s office. Only your doctor’s office will be able to set up the necessary access to see your child’s information on your MyMercy account.

Why do I need multiple accounts for My Mercy?

Mercy is a large Health System covering a wide geographic area. Because of this and the vast amounts of data that is stored, Mercy has to store its medical record information in different regions (East-St. Louis area, Central-Springfield area, West-Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas area). As a result if you see providers in different regions you will need a MyMercy account for each region.

Why is my balance s different in MyMercy than on the mailed statement?

The balance that you see in your MyMercy account is up to date and in real time. Statements are only run every 28 days

Why does the “To Do” area show things that I have already had done?

Please contact your doctor’s office. The clinic will have to update the information in your Epic chart to make sure it is current.

How do I customize the notifications that I receive?

Once you are logged into MyMercy go to the Settings tab>Notifications. From there you can choose which notifications you would like to receive.

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