Keeping Your MyMercy Account Information Safe

Mercy is constantly working to protect your private identification, health and credit information, but there’s something simple you can do as well: Change your MyMercy password regularly.  You should also make sure you set your challenge questions to answers known only to you. This is helpful if you ever forget your password.

My Mercy requires all passwords to be 8-20 characters in length, have at least one lower and one upper case character and contain at least one number. For extra security, add symbols as well. As you create a new password, be careful not to write it down where everyone can see it. And never give your password to anyone else.

Remembering these simple tips can go a long way in protecting your private information from those who shouldn’t have access. Take some time to change your password today.

Wishing you the best of health,

Your Mercy Health Care team.

Remember, Mercy will never ask for your MyMercy password information through email, by phone or through mail.