Healdton Mercy Hospital Offers High-Tech Care for Heart Patients

February 23, 2010

Healdton — Thanks to a $100,000 grant, Healdton Mercy Hospital has raised the level of care for its patients.

The grant, given by the McCrory, Priddy, Noble and Southern Oklahoma Memorial foundations, provides high-tech heart monitoring equipment so nurses and doctors can more accurately diagnose cardiac problems and determine whether a patient needs to be transferred to another facility.

Patients are now monitored remotely 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by monitor technicians at Mercy Memorial Health Center’s intensive care unit in Ardmore. A central station is also in place for Healdton physicians and nurses to watch patients closely.

“We are very proud and very excited to be able to offer leading heart monitoring technology to our patients. This means that patients can be monitored in Healdton first, then transferred to a higher level facility if needed,” said Rick Pack, Healdton Mercy Hospital administrator. “This drastically changes the quality of care we can offer our patients.”

In addition, the grant provides four telemetry units and a HeartStart XL biphasic defibrillator. The telemetry units, which monitor heart activity, allow patients to walk around and not be confined to a bed.

Healdton Mercy Hospital is member of Mercy Health System of Oklahoma and the Sisters of Mercy Health System.