St. John’s Mercy Hospital Foundation “Always Ready” Capital Campaign Reaches Final Stage for Financing Expansion of the Emergency Department

August 17, 2010

Bonnie and L.B Eckelkamp are co-chairpersons

of the committee for the “Always Ready” capital

campaign to raise funds to construct a new and

expanded Emergency Department in Washington.

The St. John’s Mercy Hospital Foundation announced today the “Always Ready” capital campaign, which will raise funds to construct a new and expanded emergency department for the residents of Washington and surrounding communities.

The existing Emergency Department is a vital resource, with more than 32,000 patients visiting the ER each year. This is nearly double the amount of patients for which it was designed more than thirty years ago, which is why community members have come together with Mercy to create the Always Ready campaign.

“The entire region will benefit from the expansion of the St. John’s Mercy Hospital emergency room. Patients of all ages and walks of life depend on the ER to receive critical care during vulnerable times in their lives,” said Bret Riegel, MD, the newly named Emergency Department Medical Director. “We provide the same quality of services for all patients, regardless of their ability to pay, because that’s part of the Mercy mission, and that truly makes a difference for patients and their families.”

An artist’s rendering of the

redesigned Emergency Department lobby.

Once complete, the Emergency Department will expand from 15 to 29 treatment rooms with a dedicated pediatric wing, a trauma and critical care wing and a fast-track area for treating patients with minor injuries and illnesses.

“In recent years, the Emergency Department physicians and staff have done a tremendous job serving our community and saving lives with a limited amount of space,” said Terri L. McLain, hospital president. “As the population grows, we want to ensure that people who live and work in this region continue to have access to an emergency department that provides advanced medical services.”

The St. John’s Mercy Hospital Emergency Department is the only emergency department within a 30-mile radius and the only Level III Trauma Center between St. Louis and Rolla. St. John’s Mercy Hospital offers an experienced medical staff that is specially trained in trauma care. It provides medical direction for eight ambulance districts with a service area that includes all or parts of five counties and more than 150,000 residents.

The campaign was initiated by the St. John’s Mercy Hospital Foundation with assistance from Washington residents Bonnie and L.B. Eckelkamp, who are co-chairpersons of the campaign. They are joined by more than 60 community leaders who have participated on the committee to raise funds.

The total cost of the project is $6 million. To date, $4.83 million has been committed and the Foundation is seeking $1.2 million in donations to finalize the project.

“This project is all about helping our community, and we are counting on the community’s support to help us reach the final stages of our fundraising goal,” said Bonnie Eckelkamp. L.B. added, “The Emergency Department is the only full service response in our community for residents of St. Clair, Union, New Haven, Pacific, Sullivan and everywhere in between. This expansion will serve future generations for many years to come.”

The Emergency Department expansion represents the latest investment by Mercy in advanced health services for the community. Recent investments include the David C. Pratt Cancer Center at St. John’s Mercy Hospital and the Dardick Family Infusion Therapy Center.

The St. John’s Mercy Hospital Foundation was formed in 2004 to support the mission of St. John’s Mercy Hospital, an acute care hospital offering comprehensive medical, surgical, obstetric and pediatric services. For more information about the St. John’s Mercy Hospital Foundation or the Always Ready campaign, or to contribute, contact Jason Huff, Director of Development at 636.239.8882.

St. John’s Mercy Hospital Emergency Department Annual Statistics, July 2008 – June 2009

Number of Patients Served:   33,000+

Annual Growth:                           3-5%

Trauma Cases:                           520

Motor Vehicle Accidents:             861

Ambulance Visits:                    5,119

Teens Served:                         3,234

Children Served:                      5,551

Senior Citizens (over 65):        5,291

Cardiac Cases:                       1,302

Stroke Cases:                             201

Sexual Assault Cases:                 19


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