A New Day for Cancer Care

September 10, 2010

Mercy Health Center Foundation kicks off Cancer Care Expansion Campaign

Mercy Health Center Foundation kicks-off a $250,000 campaign to benefit Mercy’s Cancer Care expansion in early October with a special event series at the Liberty Theatre. 

Proceeds from the series will support the relocation and expansion of the current cancer treatment area.

The Cancer Center of Kansas and the Liberty Theatre are co-sponsors for the event series.

“When the proposal for the Foundation to consider a fundraising campaign to expand and improve Mercy Health Center’s Cancer Care area was met by the Board members with a compassionate and enthusiastic response, I felt very proud to be a member of the Board and this community,” stated Herbert Grantham M.D., Mercy Health Center Foundation Board President. 

“Cancer is an all too common disease that can feel devastating to the individual and his or her loved ones,” Grantham continued.  “Anything the Foundation can do that eases some of the burden on cancer patients and their families is a most worthwhile endeavor—one I hope that our community also meets with a compassionate and enthusiastic response.” 

In June 2008, Mercy Health Center opened a Fort Scott branch of the Cancer Center of Kansas, bringing the highest quality of cancer care to our area’s patients. The service blossomed quickly as area patients and their families learned of the availability of local treatment; finally, some relief from the burden of out-of-town travel.

The growth, without a doubt, also is attributable to our county’s unfortunate distinction of having cancer diagnosis rates higher than both state and national averages. According to the Kansas Department of Health & Environment, 87 new cases of cancer were diagnosed in Bourbon County alone in 2006, the latest year for which data is available.

Mercy’s current cancer care met the demand in 2008, but today it lacks adequate space for patient‘s chemotherapy treatments, infusions, appointments with oncologists and waiting area for caregivers. 

As a commitment to ensuring the best cancer care possible to patients in southeast Kansas, the Mercy Health Center Foundation Board is embarking on a nine-month campaign to expand and relocate the current cancer treatment area. 

Private support will make the difference in creating an environment conducive to healing and inspiring of hope for our loved ones fighting cancer. Gifts of all sizes are needed and pledges of $1,000 or more may be completed via installments over time.

All gifts will be generously recognized through Foundation communications, and larger contributions will be commemorated on-site at the Cancer Center in a highly visible wall display. Naming opportunities also are available to honor donor families and/or individuals who have experienced cancer. 

For more information about Mercy’s Cancer Care expansion or opportunities to contribute, please call the Mercy Development Office at 620.223.8094.

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