School Teacher Gives St. John’s Doctor Idea for Better Way to Cleans Hands

September 13, 2010

Hands First Hand Sanitizer Hits the Market Aug. 24

A school teacher and a hospital unit nurse gave St. John’s Medical Research Institute Medical Director Dr. Roger Huckfeldt the idea for Hands First, a new alcohol free hand sanitizer developed by the Institute’s team of scientists. The product will be released nationwide following a launch event 6:30 p.m. at Millwood Golf & Racquet Club in Springfield, Mo. Aug. 23.

“The teacher asked me why there wasn’t an alcohol-free hand sanitizer available that lasted from the time we put it on the kids’ hands in the morning to the time they came back in from recess,” Dr. Huckfeldt said. “Having to reapply sanitizer was both time consuming and expensive.

The unit nurse questioned, “Why can’t you create a hand sanitizer that is skin healthy, doesn’t burn or dry out our hands, protects cuts and scrapes that we have and lasts a long time?”

“As a surgeon, I am constantly worried about the dangers of infection. Alcohol hand sanitizers help reduce that risk, but I really understood the frustrations people have with those currently on the market. That frustration got me thinking…..there has to be a better way.”

So Dr. Huckfeldt and the St. John’s research and development team, housed in the Institute’s lab facilities inside downtown’s Jordan Valley Innovation Center, set upon a solution.

The result is a foam product formula that kills greater than 99.99 percent of common germs AND cleanses and hydrates the skin while providing temporary protection for minor cuts, scrapes and burns.

“While other products claim lasting protection, they really only prevent bacterial regrowth and do not provide lasting protection from the recontamination that occurs with contact with hands, pencils, phones, solid surfaces,” Dr. Huckfeldt explains.

In lab testing, the patent-pending technology has been shown to kill over 99% percent of bacteria that were placed on test subjects’ hands three hours after they use a single application of the new foam.

Hands First uses a combination of ingredients including an extremely gentle surfactant to cleanse the skin, skin healthy all natural moisturizers, FDA approved skin protectants to provide real protection for cuts and scrapes and antimicrobial agents coupled with skin safe compounds to make them last longer. .

Dr. Huckfeldt tested the formula against MRSA and other bacteria often considered the harshest of superbugs. The test results show kill rates far exceeding the 99.99 % required by the FDA with only 15 seconds of contact time..

“It basically killed everything we tested It against,” Huckfeldt explained. “When I saw it fought MRSA, Psuedomonas and even cold and flu viruses, I thought maybe we were on to something.”

The product is being bottled Airemaster in Nixa and will be available at retailers across the country and retail locations in Springfield and the surrounding area.

“National ‘big box’ retailers have also showed a lot of interest,” Dr. Huckfeldt said. “And with the launch of a nationwide infomercial we’re expecting more to come on board.”

The product is also sold at Inveno Health is the commercialization unit for St. John’s Medical Research Institute and is responsible for the manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of products created through the Institute.

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