St. John's-St. Francis Celebrates Advance Formation Graduates

October 4, 2010


(L-R): George Vassaur, VP/CFO; Buffy Borgman,
Materials Manager; Tracy Asher, Weekend
House Supervisor; Kathy Scully, Social Services;
Sister Cabrini Koelsch,Director of Mission Services;
Annie Bunton, Billing Supervisor; Jana Murray,
Health Information Services Manager/
HIPAA Officer; Jon Dewick, Physical Therapy Manager

Recently, seven St. John’s-St. Francis hospital co-workers successfully completed an 18-month leadership formation training program known as Advance Formation.

Advanced Formation prepares Mercy leaders to carry on the mission of bringing to life the healing ministry of Jesus in the spirit of Catherine McAuley, the foundress of the Sisters of Mercy. The Sisters want to ensure that those who receive and pass on the mission of Mercy truly understand it and know how to live it into the future.

Leaders who choose to participate in Advanced Formation meet once a month for two hour sessions over the course of 18 months. The sessions are a combination of learning about Mercy’s history and values, examining Catholic Social Teaching and how it relates to healthcare, exploring behavioral ways to express what it means to be ‘Mercy’, and discussing what it means to be a ministry. Assigned readings and activities are included to reinforce what is being taught along with elements of prayer, scripture, and spiritual development.

By calling a diverse group of leaders, both clinical and non-clinical, from a variety of faith traditions into formation, the class touches all aspects of care-giving as the participants take the message back with them to their areas of service.

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