Loss of a Daughter Spurs a Mother's Actions

October 7, 2010

Sorrel King

Sorrel King travels around the country advocating for patient safety. Her daughter, Josie, died in 2001 at only 18 months old as a result of a medical error at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

St. John's Mercy invited her to speak with the St. Louis medical group, office managers and other administrators as part of an education about how to improve care by using a technology called Mercy Event Reporter.

Mercy Event Reporter is an easy tool for co-workers to report an event, near miss or safety concern. There is an icon on all Mercy computers and it takes less than a minute. The report triggers an investigation by Risk Management. While it has been used for years at the hospital level it isn’t used as often in the outpatient setting.

Dr. John Zalewski, medical director of quality, safety and value for the multi-specialty physician group, said he is certain that using the program in the outpatient setting will head off more errors. “There are 900 million encounters a year in doctors' offices compared to 35 million hospitalizations,” he said.

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