St. Louis area smoking ban is good for kids

January 4, 2011

The new smoking ban in St. Louis County and St. Louis city will make it healthier for everyone who wants to go to a restaurant or any public place indoors, maybe even giving that last little push a person might need to quit smoking. It will definitely serve as a good example for the youngest among us according to Mercy Children’s Hospital Pediatric Pulmonologist Dr. John Spivey.

Adults serve as role models to kids – not only positive role models but in the negative too. So when a child sees a parent or other adult smoking they are more likely to pick up on the bad habit. With restaurants now smoke-free not only will it be healthier with no second-hand smoke, children will have less opportunity to observe adults smoking.

Check out the Dr. John Spivey’s interview with more reasons the smoking ban is a good thing.

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