Mercy Goes Live with Smart Pumps

January 6, 2011


New Smart Pumps in
Mercy Memorial Health Center

An ongoing commitment to improve patient safety and quality of care has led Mercy Memorial Health Center to replace all standard IV infusion pumps with Smart Pumps, state-of-the-art infusion devices.

These pumps are designed to “remember” all of the hospital defined dosing limits and other clinical advisories entered into the drug library. Any dosage outside the limits warns providers to re-check and verify the parameters.

“It’s very reassuring to have these safety measures in place and reduce the chance of human error,” said Rhonda Hanan, BSN, MS, RN, Mercy Memorial chief nursing officer. “It’s another step in Mercy’s commitment to quality care and patient safety.”

Another advantage to the Smart Pumps is that they clearly display the drug name and concentration so it is visible to all co-workers caring for the patient.

In addition to the 168 new Smart Pump “brains,” Mercy has also added 32 Patient Controlled Analgesic (PCA) pumps with EtCO2 (end-tidal carbon dioxide) monitoring. EtCO2 functionality allows for more efficient monitoring of the sedating effects of pain medications. The PCA pumps provide a unique function that allows the clinician to automatically pause an infusion of pain medicine if a patient falls below the hospital’s defined respiratory limits.

“The new Smart Pumps affect several areas of the hospital, not just the nursing staff,” said Robert Reynolds, RN, Mercy Memorial education specialist and project lead. “Co-workers from materiels management to nursing and respiratory therapy had a hand in training and implementing this new system. They are all excited about adding another tool to the quality care our patients have come to know and expect.”

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