Medical Research Institute continues growth

March 11, 2011

Keela Davis, St. John’s Medical

Research Institute, Director of

Research & Development.

St. John’s Medical Research Institute recently added seven scientists and other staff members. Part of the staff increase is funded thanks to a $4.8 million Department of Defense grant to develop front-line use products that can save damaged corneas and preserve eyesight after blast and chemical injuries.

Dr. Tauber is principal investigator on the research and product development initiative, in collaboration with the leaders and scientists of the research and development division at the institute. The initiative is in partnership with the United States Army, Walter Reed Army Medical

Center, Missouri State University and The University of Colorado.

The Institute now has 25 full-time equivalent employees and more than 50 products under development.

A Clinical Trials Division has more than 71 trials underway. Established in 2007, the R&D Division has grown from a team of two scientists in a single lab to a multi-faceted group of engineers, scientists, marketers, and administrators, expansive growth in facilities and equipment, and continual innovations to improve patient care.

New staff members include:

  • Anthony Kammerich joined as a research scientist II. Anthony has a Doctorate in analytical chemistry from Georgetown and has experience in development of novel deep brain implanted stimulators and patent process
  • Kumar Vedantham joined as a research scientist II. Kumar has a Doctorate in physical pharmacy from Purdue University and has experience in drug delivery from polymer systems and associated pharmacokinetic studies.
  • Rahul Eapen joined as a research assistant. Rahul has a Master’s in biomedical engineering from Cornell University. Rahul conducts 3D computer drafting of all devices in development and 3D prints models for testing.
  • Brandon Tiegs joined as a research intern. He earned his Bachelor’s in chemistry from Missouri State University.
  • Adam Peterson and Saemi Park joined as research interns. Both have Bachelor’s degrees in biology from Drury University.
  • Angela Garrison joined InvenoHealth, the commercialization section of St. John’s Research and Development, as a product specialist II. Angela has a bachelor’s in public relations from Drury University and most recently served at St. John’s as a media relations specialist.
  • Kimberly Collison joined as a research and development coordinator. Kim has a Master’s in medical science from the University of Iowa.


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