MyMercy Available to Rolla Area

March 11, 2011

Patients now have access to MyMercy, a free online service giving patients the ability to track health history, schedule appointments, contact a doctor and renew prescriptions

MyMercy, a free online service,

gives patients the ability to track

their health history, schedule

appointments, contact their doctor

with a question and renew

prescriptions all via a smart phone

or personal computer.

Patients in the Rolla area now have access to MyMercy, a free online service giving patients the ability to track health history, schedule appointments, contact a doctor and renew prescriptions via a personal computer or smart phone. The service is available throughout most of Mercy’s four-state region – Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma – something largely unprecedented across the nation.

Patients may sign up directly at or visit Mercy Clinic – Rolla between the hours of 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. Monday – Friday, March 14-31 for registration assistance. The clinic is located at 1605 Martin Springs Drive in Rolla.

For patients like Sue Morrison, it means being able to manage your health around the clock. At 56, Morrison is dealing with diabetes, high blood pressure and chronic back pain. Health care is no longer a passing thought for this Edmond, Okla., resident, but rather a lifestyle. In recent years she has anxiously – and at times desperately – searched for ways to manage her medical needs.

“I think MyMercy is an amazing service,” Morrison said. “If I need to check a lab result or schedule an appointment, all I have to do is get online any time of day. The other night I requested a renewal on one of my prescriptions. By the time I went in for my doctor’s appointment the next morning, the prescription was already waiting for me. MyMercy puts my mind at ease.”

MyMercy is a technology raising health care to a new level.

For Lorraine Helms of Fort Scott, Kan., MyMercy allows her to monitor the health care of her 83-year-old father while never leaving her desk at work. Doctors recently discovered a tumor in her father’s brain, and that has left Helms feeling nervous and anxious. MyMercy provides Helms with easy-to-access knowledge.

“Instead of waiting to get a call from the doctor’s office, I can see the lab results on my computer,” said Helms, 61. “The convenience is amazing. I even get messages that remind me about his upcoming appointments. It has relieved me of a lot of stress.”

Doug Chapman of St. Louis has owned a company that installs kitchens and bathrooms since 1980, and his ever-expanding clientele also keeps him busy. Like Helms, time is a luxury.

“Before, if I had a question for my doctor, I’d have to call his office and leave a message,” said Chapman, 60. “Then I’d miss his call and have to call back. That was typical. Now I just send a question online, and it seems like by the time I check my computer again – bam – there’s the answer.”

Raymond Weick, M.D., at Mercy’s Family Medicine West outside St. Louis, is so sold on the new technology, he has signed up over 700 patients on MyMercy. Fellow Mercy physicians have shared the new technology with their patients, from Independence, Kan., to Rogers, Ark., to Springfield, Mo.

“Patients often call with questions and inevitably forget everything they wanted to ask while on the phone,” said Dr. Cheryl Fulton of Mercy’s Lowell Medical Clinic in Lowell, Ark. “MyMercy allows them to focus on the important questions they want answered. They can sit down at a computer and compose those questions at a time that is convenient for them – sometimes in the middle of the night. This is truly futuristic stuff we’re talking about here. Who would have thought we would ever be monitoring our medical care with this kind of technology?”

By all accounts, patients feel empowered by MyMercy.

“I feel like I finally have ownership of my medical care,” said Taresa Copeland, 62, an Oklahoma City piano teacher. “I feel like I’m now in partnership with my doctor. I’m not alone. We’re a team.”


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