Donate to our Co-Worker Tornado Relief Fund

May 23, 2011

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In the wake of the recent tornado, we ask that you keep the Joplin community, along with the families, friends, co-workers and patients of Mercy Hospital Joplin in your thoughts and prayers. The hospital, as part of the Mercy health system, serves 150,000 patients annually, and the Joplin community is served by 2,100 Mercy co-workers.

Our first priority is to provide support and assistance to our co-workers in Joplin who have been affected by the tornado.  In addition, remaining funds will be used to support the medical needs of the Joplin community through Mercy initiatives and partnerships with other relief organizations. We are grateful for your support as we work together to assist the Joplin community.

With many reported fatalities and those who lost their homes and possessions, please join Mercy in offering help.  Please consider making a donation to assist those who have been affected by the violent tornado.  Your donation will help provide the necessary support to assist those in need.

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