Hot Springs teaches children CPR

May 28, 2011


CPR Anytime

St. Joseph’s Mercy Health Center will teach seventh grade students CPR with donations made available from local organizations including, Sam’s Club, Kiwanis, Breakfast Lions and the Masonic Lodge.

St. Joseph’s Mercy’s Volunteer Auxiliary and Education department will teach CPR to 273 students on March 26 and 27 at 8 a.m. at Hot Springs Middle School. The CPR anytime kits are available through the St. Joseph’s Mercy Volunteer Auxiliary Gift Shop and they help make CPR training easy. The children will take the kits with them after completion, allowing them to teach their family members through an instructional DVD.

"Teaching our children about how to safely handle an emergency or life-threatening situation can mean the difference between life or death," said Mercy Volunteer Director Susan Rima.

The death rate of sudden cardiac arrest is a 95 percent because many people who see an event don't know CPR. Fast, efficient CPR can double or triple a victim's chance of survival, according to the American Heart Association.

CPR Anytime was developed to train people who would not normally attend a traditional CPR course and increase survival rates. CPR Anytime is a personal CPR training program that can be used by an individual or easily offered in a group setting. Each kit has a personal CPR manikin, a CPR skills practice DVD, a resource booklet, and other accessories. However, the kit does not provide certification.

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