Yukon Physicals Get Fiscal

June 2, 2011


Yukon High School student Rebecca Fulgenzi
receives an examination from Dr. Stuart Schrader.

Beat the rush, raise some bucks – two reasons Yukon students received required pre-participation physicals at the end of the school year instead of waiting until the fall.

“Not only has this health screening event generated nearly $10,000 in donations to Yukon schools’ athletic department, it represents several more thousands of dollars in community donations in the way of in-kind support,” said Diana Scherber, operations director at Mercy Health Center.

Yukon students paid $15 each for the health screenings. The doctors and nurses waived their fees so that all proceeds could be utilized by the Yukon Athletic Department.

“Physicals are good for one year and they have to be done after May 1, so that’s why we’re doing this now,” said Stuart Schrader, D.O., a medical director for the Mercy Center of Innovative Care. “Any child can participate. It can be a student that’s in band or other activities that require this form, not just athletes.”

Several Mercy physicians, practitioners and support staff donated their time and traveled to Yukon’s Independence and Lakeview middle schools, and Yukon High School, providing almost 1,000 on-site physicals. An optional mental health evaluation was also be administered.

“Last year we had about 10 kids who were suicidal and depressed and they were given immediate attention,” said Dr. Schrader.

In addition to Dr. Schrader, other physicians taking part in the physicals included Mercy Northwest Family’s Brendon McCollom, D.O., and Mercy Canadian County family practitioners Nestor Pinaroc, M.D., and Greg Dennis, D.O.

“This is the second year that we’ve done this under the umbrella of Mercy in Schools,” Dr. Schrader said. “It’s the perfect time to get this done so the kids can start their summer practices and training.”

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