Hot Springs adds RNs

June 30, 2011


2011 St. Joseph's Mercy RN graduates

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The 2011 St. Joseph’s Mercy Registered Nurse (RN) graduates are now working throughout the hospital.

“I do believe that nursing is not just a job, it’s a call from God to be of service to other people and we appreciate your response to that call,” said Sister Dorothy Calhoun, RSM, speaking to the graduates during a luncheon. “As Sisters of Mercy, we want our ministry to be continued and we know it will be continued through people like you.”

The majority of the 2011 RN graduates were already Mercy co-workers, coming from patient-care technician and Licensed Practical Nurse roles. Others spent time at St. Joseph’s Mercy doing internships.

They went through two weeks of orientation, learning the computer system and going over policies and procedures.

Tamme Kinney, nursing recruiter at St. Joseph’s Mercy, said the new class is working in nearly every department at the hospital.

“They’ve now started their new roles on the floors where they will have six weeks of orientation,” Kinney said. “They’re going to be a welcome addition.”

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