Mankin A Difference

August 9, 2011

Dr. Alice Mankin

It takes a lot to impress med students. Alice Mankin, MD, – the newest member of the physician team at Mercy North May – did just that; earning peer awards for her commitment, leadership, and advocacy on the part of patients and exemplary service to others.

“My father was a minister and we spent a lot of time visiting the sick and the elderly,” said Dr. Mankin, a family practice physician. “I grew up caring about people and their lives. If there was a way I could help, then I wanted to do that.”

Dr. Mankin spent a decade serving the senior population in various capacities before pursuing her medical degree from the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine. Medical school, however, was never an original part of her life plans.

A Tennessee native, Dr. Mankin moved to Oklahoma – her husband’s home state – after earning a master’s from Abilene Christian University and bachelor’s from Harding University in Searcy, Ark. (She graduated summa cum laude and magna cum laude, respectively.) Dr. Mankin thought she was finished in the classroom.

But 20 years later, with her husband through graduate school and two sons well into their elementary years, Dr. Mankin decided to pursue a medical degree.

“I did not know at age 6 that I wanted to be a doctor,” said Dr. Mankin. “I realized that I needed that kind of training to have the authority to help. It’s not enough to want to be nice. That spurred my desire for additional education.”

Dr. Mankin holds a certificate in gerontology from Abilene Christian University and has worked in several senior centers, directed an Alzheimer’s facility in Georgia and assisted the Areawide Aging Agency of Oklahoma City.

Not sticking to the senior set, Dr. Mankin treats patients of all ages – from Baby Boomers to babies – with devotion.

“It’s about being the most prepared person that you can be to help others,” Dr. Mankin said. “In medicine, that has to be the number one motivation.”

Mercy North May welcomes Dr. Mankin to their team of physicians. Designed to meet virtually all non-emergency primary care needs, including laboratory and EKG, Mercy North May is located at 9100 N. May in Oklahoma City. The clinic is available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. To schedule an appointment, call (405) 840-4456.


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