Supply Chain Co-Workers Receive Gift

August 30, 2011

FMOLHS team travels to Joplin to present funds to support ROI co-workers.

The Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady

Health System (FMOLHS) Team visited

Joplin and presented $15,000 to support

co-workers from ROi, Mercy's supply

chain division.

Three months from the date when the May 22 tornado struck Joplin, Mo., seven Mercy supply chain co-workers, received a generous gift from the Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady Health System (FMOLHS) during a special presentation in Joplin.

More than 70 guests, including Gary Pulsipher, chief executive officer, and Dottie Bringle, chief operating officer and chief nursing officer, for St. John’s Mercy in Joplin, were part of the program, hosted by ROi, Mercy’s supply chain division, on August 22, to recognize supply chain co-workers and pay tribute to the Mercy/ROi teamwork involved in the tornado response efforts. 

The FMOLHS team, which traveled from Baton Rouge and Monroe, La., also participated in community volunteer activities with ROi the next day. The FMOLHS and ROi teams volunteered through AmeriCorps to help the Joplin Public Schools.

“A major part of our mission is sharing our gifts and talents to create a spirit of healing,” explains Bill Mosser, vice president of supply chain services, FMOLHS, which raised $15,000 to support the supply chain co-workers.  

Bill adds, “It’s a tradition within our health care system to support charity so, this year, from an idea of one our employees, Stephanie Sommer, we committed our resources to help the supply chain employees in Joplin.  We want Mercy to know that the prayers of our 8,000 employees are with you all.”

 “We are so appreciative of the generous support shown by our partners at FMOLHS. It is a real testament to their dignity and to the partnership that we are collaboratively building,” says Gene Kirtser, president and chief executive officer, ROi. In April 2011, FMOLHS and ROi signed a formal agreement to align supply chain strategies and provide FMOLHS access to ROi’s portfolio of services including Group Purchasing, Custom Procedure Solutions, Private Label, Distribution, Transportation, Consulting and Print Services. Created in 2002 as Mercy’s supply chain division, ROi and Mercy have been recognized in the Gartner Healthcare Supply Chain Top 25 as the #1 provider-owned and #3 global supply chain in health care.

The seven co-workers who each received a monetary gift from FMOLHS are:

  • Pete Anastosopolos, Materials Management Coordinator, St. John’s Mercy in Joplin
  • Gina Boykin, Materials Handler, St. John’s Mercy in Joplin
  • Cindy Devore, Materials Handler, St. John’s Mercy in Joplin
  • Darrell Fox, Materials Handler, St. John’s Mercy in Joplin
  • Stephanie Harrison, Materials Handler, St. John’s Mercy in Joplin
  • Nancy Stufflebean, ROi Customer Service
  • Robert Wier, ROi Transportation

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