Discussing Pertussis

January 19, 2012

Dr. Savannah Stumph

Allergies, sinus infections and the common cold. They’re run-of-the-mill winter afflictions for many Oklahomans. But, how do you know when a cough is more than a cold? Dr. Savannah Stumph, pediatrician at Mercy Clinic Edmond Signal Ridge, discusses Pertussis – commonly known as whooping cough – with KFOR’s Ed Doney.

Pertussis is a threat for certain infants and their families. Dr. Stumph recommends all infants complete the DTaP vaccine series and all adults receive the Tdap vaccine. Women more than 20 weeks pregnant, or immediately postpartum, should receive the Tdap vaccine. Because immunity wanes for adults and adolescents, she advises that all adolescents receive a Tdap booster at age 11 and all adults be administered a Tdap vaccine in place of their next scheduled tetanus booster.

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