Mercy’s Survey Methods Change

July 10, 2012

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Effective July 1, Mercy’s methods for evaluating patient satisfaction changed from a paper survey, mailed to the patient’s address, to a personal phone call or email survey. 

The new survey method will be used across Mercy’s four-state service area. 

“We greatly value the voice of our patients and look forward to receiving their thoughts and opinions regarding the care they have received at our facilities,” says Doug Stroemel, president of Mercy Hospital Aurora and Mercy Hospital Cassville. 

The decision was made to change the survey process because research proves technology and personal conversations are more effective than paper surveys when it comes to gathering useful feedback. It also aligns with Mercy’s “green” initiatives, saving paper and helping our environment, explained Nancy Pruitt, Mercy’s customer service coordinator.

In the new process, a personal attendant who is not employed by Mercy will call patients who have been cared for on the inpatient unit, in Surgery, the Emergency Department, Home Health or Urgent Care.  Emails will be sent to Mercy Clinic patients and those receiving outpatient services at the hospital. One thing has not changed. You can either provide your name or remain completely anonymous.

Mercy co-workers will help advise patients of the following changes in survey methods:

  • Patients will no longer receive paper surveys via mail.
  • If a patient subscribes to a caller ID service, “Mercy” will appear on the phone display. A personal attendant (who is not employed by Mercy) will interview the patient and record survey responses. In the event that survey calls are not answered, the attendant will not leave a voice message.
  • Patients will be encouraged to complete any email survey they might receive.
  • Mercy registration co-workers are asked to confirm current telephone numbers and email addresses when a patient comes in for treatment. This will ensure proper delivery of the survey.

Patient satisfaction scores are monitored constantly across Mercy. Stroemel notes, “This information enables us to continually improve the quality of the services we provide to the members of our community.”

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