New Pulmonologist in Hot Springs

July 17, 2012

Youssef Yammine, M.D.

Mercy Hospital Hot Springs welcomes pulmonary critical care physician Youssef Yammine, M.D., to Hot Springs.

Dr. Yammine comes to Hot Springs after finishing a three-year specialty training in pulmonology and critical care at the University of Oklahoma in Norman, Okla.. He also previously did a residency at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, Kan.

“My first specialty is pulmonology, which is a specialty to take care of lung disease. The other part of my specialty is critical care, where for the most part we take care of ICU patients and all the care that is involved with the Intensive Care Unit,” Dr. Yammine said.

He grew up and attended medical school in Lebanon, a country in the East Mediterranean.

 “The main reason I chose to be a physician was my interest in human physiology and disease process. I like to help people and make a positive difference in their life,” Dr. Yammine said. “I am also interested in the critical care aspect of medicine, the intensity of the work, and the critical care thinking and management.”

In his office, Dr. Yammine frequently sees patients with lung disease.

“We are able to manage their problems and offer to help them with all aspects -- from asthma to obstructive lung disease, all the diseases related to smoking, including lung cancer diagnosis,” he said.

He chose Hot Springs both for the opportunity to work with Mercy Hospital and the resources of the region.

“It is a very beautiful place and I enjoy all the outdoor activities,” Dr. Yammine said.

Dr. Yammine’s office is located in Suite 401 of the Medical Office Building at 1 Mercy Lane in Hot Springs. His office can be reached at (501) 623-5220.

“I want the patients to have excellent satisfaction with the care they receive in my clinic,” Dr. Yammine said. “The medicine is not just a career. I consider the medicine to be a mission. It’s not only the physical aspect of the human body when we treat. We should also take into account the mental, spiritual and social issues at the same time.”

Mercy Hot Springs has 27 medical clinics serving the health care needs of Hot Springs and its surrounding communities since 1888. It is designated as the southwest region’s only Level II Trauma Center and the region’s most preferred provider of health care services, including cardiac, cancer and women’s care.

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