Sister Carolyn Stoutz Celebrates 50 Years

September 25, 2012

Sister Carolyn Stoutz

ARDMORE, Okla. – Carolyn Stoutz, religious Sister of Mercy, is celebrating her 50th year in the sisterhood.

As a golden jubilarian, Sister Stoutz is taking the opportunity to thank God for the opportunity to serve Him in the ministries she has been involved in for the past five decades.

“I grew up in a Catholic school and got to know many of the Sisters. I saw how happy they were in their decision to serve the Lord and how much they laughed and enjoyed life,” said Stoutz. “I decided early on to break the stereotype that nuns are always solemn and serious so I try to make it a point to laugh and make others laugh a little every day. Some people even say I’m a little bit ornery.”

Over the past 15 years, Sister Carolyn has served Mercy facilities in Enid and Ardmore, Okla. Currently, she also serves the residents of southern Oklahomaby being involved in organizations such as March of Dimes, Boys and Girls Club of Wilson, The Grace Center, C/SARA, Ardmore Soup Kitchen and countless others.

To those who regularly rub shoulders with Sister Carolyn, she is affectionately known for her absolute joy.

“Sister is just a delight,” said Kathryn Abbey, vice president of mission and ethics. “She is so full of life; she truly brings a wonderful passion to her ministry and inspires ministry in others. There is no need too great or too small she won’t tackle, whether it is for a co-worker, a patient or a community member.”

As a Sister of Mercy, Stoutz has served as a history teacher, school counselor, vice president of mission, patient and co-worker advocate. Her role as patient and co-worker advocate is where she spends countless hours lifting up others in prayer and bringing laughter when it is needed most.

In her spare time, Sister Carolyn loves travelling with other Sisters of Mercy. Together, they have had adventures all over the United States and Europe. She also is a cat lover and currently has two – Precious and the aptly named Mercy.

“Sister Carolyn is a treasure to all who know and love her. I am proud to count myself in those numbers and congratulate her on 50 years of dedicated service to God and her community,” said Di Smalley, regional president of Mercy Oklahoma.

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