Stroke Care is not What it Used to Be

November 2, 2012

Mercy Hospital Ardmore Stroke Team

ARDMORE, Okla. – Here are some facts to consider. One in 6 people will have a stroke in his lifetime. Fifteen million people experience a stroke each year and 6 million of them do not survive. The good news is stroke can be prevented and treated.

As health care professionals gain understanding and technology advances, prevention and treatment options become easier to access. As Ardmore prepares for new and exciting stroke treatments to roll out, it is more important than ever to get the word out. Stroke awareness is vital.

“Awareness is the key ingredient to being able to provide the most comprehensive treatment,” said Jennifer Bramlett, registered nurse, Mercy Hospital Ardmore emergency department manager. “Be it prevention or intervention, awareness of signs, symptoms and risk factors are a must.”

Knowing the signs are key. Think FASST.

  • Face – Ask the person to smile. Does the face look uneven?
  • Arm – Ask the person to raise both arms. Does one drift down?
  • Speech – Ask the person to repeat a simple phrase. Does their speech sound strange?
  • Sight – Is there a sudden loss of vision
  • Time – Don’t waste time. Act fast and call 911.

In the below story by The Ardmoreite's Marsha Miller, stoke awareness is discussed.

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