Why Growth at Mercy Makes Sense

November 6, 2012

Mercy SafeWatch

Drs. Ashok Palagiri, left, and Luke Bruns monitor patients via

Mercy SafeWatch – the largest electronic ICU in that nation

that provides 24-hour vigilance

to critically ill patients across the four states Mercy serves.

Healthcare Financial Management magazine, a leader in top trends and issues facing health care's bottom line, takes an in-depth look at Mercy's view of the future, why economies of scale make good sense and how stand-alone hospitals make great gains by joining a bigger system.

And for some hospitals, it's the difference of keeping the doors open of a community hospital. "I truly believe that had we not been leased by Mercy that El Reno would no longer have a hospital," said Doug Danger, RN, hospital administrator at Mercy Hospital El Reno.

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