“Healthy Ever After” Doesn’t Have to be a Fairy Tale

December 10, 2012


Healthy Ever After is a hospital-based weight loss

programdesigned for long-term weight loss and

maintenance.It's offered by the Mercy Nutrition

and Diabetes Wellness Center.

WASHINGTON, Mo. – Mercy is teaching people how they can live their weight loss dreams with “Healthy Ever After.”   

“We have a weight epidemic in America. We’re heavy, our kids are heavy and I recently learned that more than half of our pets are heavy, too,” said Cindy Martin, a licensed and registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator for Mercy Nutrition and Diabetes Wellness Center. “Our culture breeds overeating and inactivity, which leads to illness. Healthier habits would help us live longer, more comfortable lives.”

Excess weight has been shown to increase risks hypertension, stroke, type 2 diabetes and even certain forms of cancer. Programs like Healthy Ever After are designed to help people lose weight and keep it off by learning how to eat better, increase activity and take on positive behavioral and lifestyle patterns.

“So many people join weight loss programs or go on diets to lose weight but they aren’t successful in keeping the weight off because healthy habits weren’t instilled,” said Martin. “Healthy Ever After is a 12-month program aimed at weight loss and long-term maintenance. If you join the program and stick with it, you can achieve healthy ever after.”

Participants will receive an individual assessment by nutrition experts at the Mercy Nutrition and Diabetes Wellness Center and a fitness assessment by a Mercy physical therapist. Health topics include healthy eating, portion sizes, understanding nutrition labels, getting the most of grocery shopping, meal planning and preparation, physical activity, how to change behaviors, dining out and more.

Healthy Ever After meets each week on Wednesdays from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. from January 16 to May 16 and then meets every four weeks until December 11. The group will meet in the Tucker Room at Mercy Hospital Washington, 901 E. Fifth St. in Washington.

Healthy Ever After is a hospital-based program that does not require a physician referral. The cost is $350. Discount coupons are available through Mercy Clinic primary care physicians.

 Healthy Ever After is offered by the staff at Mercy Nutrition and Diabetes Wellness Center, which offers registered dietitians, registered nurses, certified diabetes educators and a case manager and social worker. The staff provides medical nutrition therapy and diabetes self-management training. For more information, call 636-239-8248.


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