El Reno Man Saved by Innovative Operation

December 12, 2012

Before (left) and after (right) images of the blood vessels

in Mario Guzman's brain reveal incredible results.

The image on the left clearly shows the large fusiform aneurysm

in Mario's brain prior to the procedure. On the right, Guzman's blood vessels

have been repaired by Dr. Tytle and his team.

OKLAHOMA CITY - Mario Guzman, his wife Alisa and their five kids knew they were taking a risk when Mario underwent a first-time-in-Oklahoma procedure last March.

In hopes of repairing a fusiform aneurysm behind Mario's eye - which was previously inoperable because it was so large - Mercy Hospital Oklahoma City Interventional Radiologist Dr. Tim Tytle and his team used a brand new stent-like structure called the ev3 Pipeline Embolization Device to create a bridge between the healthy blood vessels in Mario's brain.

Nine months later, the risk has yielded a huge reward and Tytle and his team are amazed at the results. As the image on the right shows, the aneurysm has disappeared.

The Oklahoman's Jaclyn Cosgrove tells the story, here.

To learn more about Mario's surgery and the device used to save his life, click here.

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