Which Profession Do You Trust the Most?

January 7, 2013

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Mercy nurse, Brenda Reuter

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. - A recent Gallup poll shows that Americans perceive some professions to be more honest than others. KOLR10 recently did a story about the most trustworthy professions, and they spoke with one of Mercy's retired physicians who is now the medical director of Mercy Health Foundation Springfield, Dr. Walt Gaska, and one of Mercy's nurses, Brenda Reuter.

Also ranking high on the list were pharmacists, and service workers like police officers, teachers and clergy.

KOLR10 reporter, Nathan Vickers also noted that nurses have held the top spot on the poll since Gallup created it in 1999, save one year. Following 9/11, firefighters held the top spot on the list for one year.

Watch the KOLR10 story here.

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