Don't Let Heart Disease Sneak Up On You

March 26, 2013



ROGERS, Ark., - Heart disease is the number one cause of death for both men and women in the United States, and Arkansas is no exception.  While age, family history and fitness  help determine risk, heart disease can effect anyone -- a truth Bentonville resident Tregg Brown knows all to well. 

Brown, a 53 year-old marathon runner with no family history, thankfully went to his doctor after noticing some concerning symptoms; a call that eventually led to a double bypass surgery.   

Northwest Arkansas executive, Cameron Smith found heart disease had also snuck up on him.  An athlete all his life, Smith was about to pitch in a softball game, when he received a surprising call from his doctor. A series of heart test Smith had decided to take showed his arteries were almost completely blocked. 

Both men now share the same message: 1) do not ignore symptoms  2) get tested.  Read more about their journeys below. 


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