Pressurized Oxygen Helps Patient with Sudden Hearing Loss

March 27, 2013

Dr. Rajeev Mysorekar speaks with a patient being

treated in the hyperbarics chamber.

ST. LOUIS - After years of wearing ear plugs at night to block the sound of her husband’s snoring, Karen Biggs woke one morning unable to hear out of her right ear.

Biggs’ primary care doctor referred her to Dr. James Hartman, an ENT with Mercy who diagnosed her with idiopathic sudden sensorineural hearing loss. He quickly referred her to Mercy Hyperbaric and Wound Care.

Mercy Clinic physician and medical director of Mercy Hyperbarics and Wound Care, Rajeev Mysorekar, MD, explained Biggs’ treatment in a March 14 St. Louis Post-Dispatch article.

He said the best outcomes are usually seen in patients treated within the first 14 days after a sudden hearing loss. Conversely, there are no benefits for those who wait 90 days or more to seek treatment.


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