"I'm not easily impressed."

April 19, 2013









After stubbing his toe, Pat Jackson had to

return to Mercy for IV antibiotics four times

a day for two weeks.

On a cold snowy day a few weeks back, Pat Jackson stubbed his toe. Normally a stubbed toe is painful for a short time and somewhat embarrassing, but to Pat this was serious.  Pat is diabetic and with a broken toe and a wound susceptible to dangerous infection, Pat could suffer severe health consequences.

“During my first trip to Mercy with this injury, the ER was like rush hour. Everyone was busy tending to injuries far more severe than mine. I watched amazed at how they worked quickly, but not compromised, to care for each person with compassion.”

It was determined that Pat would need IV antibiotic treatments every six hours for 14 days. That meant Pat would have to commit to appointments at 6 a.m., noon, 6 p.m. and midnight for two straight weeks.

 “I made the effort to go four times a day not only because it would save my toe, but I really enjoyed visiting with the nurses who were caring for me,” explained Pat. “Over a two week period, I met with many nurses; some in the ER and some in the outpatient unit. But regardless of the time of day or the nurse caring for me, everyone was professional, kind and caring.”

“One morning I overslept, but June Bloomfield took the time to give me a wakeup call,” he joked. “Never was there a difference in the care I received. Every nurse was ready for me - almost like they were waiting for me to arrive - and knew exactly what needed to be done.”

“I simply can’t say enough good things about the care I received at Mercy.”

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