Mercy Clinic Diabetes Program Leads to Improved Health

July 18, 2013

Issa Arrendondo

Laredo Mercy Clinic educator, Issa Arredondo, RN.

The Mercy Clinic diabetes program continues to support the idea that education leads to improved health.  Over the last 12 month period, 51 patients were newly diagnosed with diabetes.  Of those patients, 50 completed the six week course on diabetes management.  An audit of 14 patient charts showed an average improvement of 2.17 in the a1c blood sugar levels.  These numbers support a 2011 cohort of patients who showed similar results in a collaboration with the University of Texas School of Public Health in Brownsville.

“Over and over we see that with the proper education, support and counseling the patient will learn to manage their illness,” said Fernandina P. Garcia, director of Mercy Clinic.

She went on the say that Mercy’s integrated program uses every touch point to teach.  

“Everyone who works with the patient echoes the same message, ‘good nutrition, portion control and physical activity.’  Those are the things necessary to become healthy and remain healthy,” she concluded.

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