New Rooms Open in the New ICU

July 23, 2013



Sr. Reine Marie Martin, RSM, pictured here, blesses the

new rooms in the new section of the intensive care unit

at Mercy Hospital Washington.

Washington, Mo. – Patients in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at Mercy Hospital Washington moved into spacious, modern and private rooms July 18.

“This was a long-awaited project that we’re blessed to offer patients and their families,” said Terri McLain, president of Mercy Hospital Washington. “These new rooms offer privacy, comfort and space to be surrounded by their loved ones. There’s more room for medical equipment and staff to easily move around and to quickly respond to patients’ medical needs.”

The new rooms are part of a two-phase expansion and renovation project. Phase 1 concluded with the opening of these 11 new patient rooms. When construction of Phase 2 is complete in October, the new third floor will feature 13 ICU patient rooms, six Transitional Care Unit (TCU) patient rooms and additional areas for staff and supplies.

The ICU offers enhanced Mercy SafeWatch features with 24/7, two-way video monitoring. This allows patients, families and staff to see Mercy SafeWatch physicians they’re working with.

The hospital’s first ICU opened in 1970 in what was St. Francis Hospital and stood where the Mercy Medical Building now sits. That early ICU offered six beds in three rooms. A more modern ICU opened on the third floor of the new – and current – hospital at 901 E. Fifth St. in Washington in 1976 with 11 beds in seven rooms. It remained there, receiving two new rooms about eight years ago, continuously filling with new technologies that the space never was designed to handle.

“We left the space with 13 beds in 9 rooms and much more technology than when we entered the building,” said Lora Copeland, ICU nurse manager. “Moving here is a great day for patients and great day for everyone who cares for patients. It’s private, more efficient and more spacious.”     

The older space is closed as construction continues on the floor. When construction is complete, the entire floor will serve ICU and TCU patients.

“We’re very proud to serve patients in these new rooms and we’re anxious to offer a completely new ICU,” said Dr. William Galli, medical director. “With an entire floor, we’ll have ample opportunity to grow as medical technologies advance, and the contemporary atmosphere creates a pleasant healing environment for patients that’s also welcoming for their loved ones.”    

As is tradition at Mercy, Sisters of Mercy blessed the space before patients moved in. Sister Michaelanne Estoup and Sister Reine Marie Martin asked for protection for patients and caregivers and spiritual guidance through their journeys.  

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