Sisters Welcome Babies on Same Day

August 9, 2013

Sisters Stacy Henning and Shanon Blase welcomed 

babies on the same day.

Ben and Stacy Henning and baby Lukas with 

sister Shanon Blase, fiance Steve Miller, baby Myla, 

and big sister Paylynn.

ST. LOUIS - Sisters share lots of things – secrets, childhoods, parents, family. But two sisters from the St. Louis area now share another special bond, their babies’ birthdays. Sisters Stacy Henning and Shanon Blase both welcomed their bundles of joy yesterday, Aug. 8, at Mercy Hospital St. Louis.

Henning, of Barnhart, and her husband Ben welcomed their baby boy Lukas at 9:01 a.m. Just a few short hours before, at 1:03 a.m., Blase and her fiancé Steve Miller welcomed their baby girl, Myla.

Both go to the same OB/GYN and said the doctor – and everyone else including family and friends - would joke that they’d probably go into labor on the same day. They sometimes had appointments on the same day within 15 minutes of each other, without planning it.

Henning was scheduled to be induced and arrived the evening of Aug. 7. She knew her sister had come into the hospital earlier to be checked, but wasn’t quite ready and was sent home. However, when Blase came back to the Maternity Welcome Center and was ultimately admitted, the sisters later realized they had just missed each other.

Grandparents Matt and Lisa Blase were at the hospital for the excitement and had to keep straight which daughter was on what floor. Lisa said, “The nurses found out because we were all talking about it and getting confused where we needed to go next.” 






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