New MRI increases capacity in Hot Springs

August 20, 2013

The MRI is in place at Mercy Hospital
Hot Springs.

Watch as the MRI is lifted into the building.

Mercy Hospital Hot Springs has installed the Siemens Espree 70cm Open Bore Ultrashort Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) on the main campus in Hot Springs.

The new MRI, installed at a cost of $1.18 million replaces a 16-year-old Siemens unit. It will complement another Espree MRI unit already in place.

“The new MRI unit will add flexibility and versatility to our MRI department,” said Philip Ruth, Director of Imaging Services at Mercy Hot Springs. “The addition will offer increased capacity while maintaining unsurpassed technology for our patients and physicians.”

The installation has been a multi-month process as the old MRI unit was removed from the building. The old unit was lifted out of the building via crane on June 21. The MRI suite was then remodeled and prepared for the new unit.

Delivery took place on July 30. Utilizing a crane, the 5.1 ton MRI was lifted off a flatbed truck and placed on rolling jacks near the MRI suite. Workers then pushed the new unit into the room and lowered it into place.

Whether scanning of their head, shoulder, knees or toes, the MRI provides the most advanced technology while making the patient as comfortable as possible.

The 70cm inner diameter makes CT-like comfort possible for the first time in a MRI system. When the patient’s head is positioned inside the open bore – for instance with shoulder imaging – the Espree provides 30 cm of space above the patient’s face, about twice that of the previous unit. As a result, patients are more comfortable, and more relaxed, during the exams.

The Espree is capable of supporting patients up to 550 pounds and can accommodate patients with pain and mobility issues. It has a broad range of dedicated applications in each clinical field, including Neurology, Orthopedics, Body, Angio, Cardiology, Breast, Oncology and Advanced Tissue Imaging.

Since 1888, Mercy in Hot Springs has served the healthcare needs of Hot Springs and surrounding communities. Mercy Hospital Hot Springs is a 282 bed full-service hospital accredited by The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, providing an emergency department with a Level 2 Trauma Center designation and a comprehensive range of medical services.

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